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Players may participate in a higher age or classification, but cannot play
      in a lower age or classification.

      Player rosters must be entered electronically and submitted prior to July
      1st or the date of the USFA State Tournament whichever comes first. All
      rosters will be locked at that time.

      Players may not participate on more than one team, regardless of age or
      classification during the same event or time period.

                  USFA Official Fastpitch Playing Rules

      The  following  rules  are  the  official  United  States  Fastpitch

      Association rules that will be in effect at all State, Regional and National
      tournaments. Local areas may modify these rules to conform to their
      local high school and recreational league rules only. Optional rules are

      common  in  regards  to  coach  pitch  verses  machine  pitch  in  younger
      divisions.  Using  10  or  11  defensive  players  in  younger  divisions  is
      a  recreational  option  designed  to  get  more  girls  in  the  game.  Some

      states allow high school pitchers to take a backward step during the
      pitching delivery. Local options are not necessarily endorsed by USFA,

      but  demonstrate  the  flexibility  and  tolerance  of  USFA.  USFA  will
      always be about the “can do’s” and not the “can’t do’s”. Safety rules are
      NOT FLEXIBLE.  We will adhere to all safety rules in their fullest,

      including  safety  rules  that  are  mandated  by  the  governing  body  of
      softball.  In  order  to  keep  the  USFA  Rulebook  as  streamlined  as

      possible,  rules  that  are  not  addressed  here  should  refer  to  the
      National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) rulebook for all rules and
      case studies that have been established throughout the evolution of the

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