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                  Classifications and Age Requirements

        A player’s age on December 31st, of the previous calendar year,
        determines  the  age  classification  in  which  the  player  is
                             eligible to participate.

           Age                   Team Classification

                       A          B          C                  Open
          6u/8u                                         X          X
            9u                                          X          X

           10u          X         X          X          X          X
           11u                                          X          X

           12u          X         X          X          X          X
           14u          X         X          X          X          X

           16u          X         X                     X          X
           18u          X         X                     X          X

        High School Division is 16u/18u Combined, with an Open Team
        Classification, or School Classification system, 1A thru 6A.
        Open Classification refers to all Team Classifications being combined
        Into a single group.  This is for some tournament purposes to offer all
        Team Classifications an opportunity to play an Open Classification

                            USFA SEASONAL YEAR

        Team registration will run from August 1st through July 31st.
        Tournaments and leagues played after August 1st, will qualify teams
        for the following summer’s State and World Series Tournaments.

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